Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I was so surprised to receive a bouquet of flowers from my dear on the eve of Valentine's day. I like it very much! Thanks to my dear for putting effort to preparing such a wonderful gift to me.

The flowers look like this and this is the first time he bought lily for me.

Closer view.

From E&E means from Edmund & Ezra.

It's so great to receive flowers but it's also a sad thing when you see the flowers wither and fall. That's why I must take some pictures of it when it's still fresh and nice, so that it can stay in my memory forever.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends! If you have found your true love, every day is Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Hug Quotes:
-A hug is the handshake from the heart.
-A hug is a smile with arms, a laugh with a stronger grip.
-A hug is the shortest distance between friends.
-A hug is worth a thousand words.
-A hug delights and warms and charms, that must be why God gave us arms.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Much is This Mouse?

If not mistaken, I saw this kind of old fashion mouse at IT store before and it costs around RM10 and not more than that. Since I know the price then why I ask this question? Let me do some explanations here...

Yesterday was my last day at my ex-company, after I did the handover and exit clearance checklist then I left the company. Not long after I stepped out from the office, the boss called me twice. I didn't manage to pick up his call so I returned call to him and asked him why because I thought that I have missed out something important... Who knows he only asked me about the old mouse which he gave me together with the laptop when I join the company. Actually that old mouse got some problems or maybe I can said it was spoiled. Our system support is so kind to me, she has exchanged my old mouse with her own mouse... After few months I also forget about this and yet the boss still remember and purposely called me to ask back the spoiled mouse.  

Oh no, what kind of boss is this! Can you imagine what is your future if you work under his leadership? Do you think his eye sight is far enough to lead the staff and the company to a higher level? Seriously, I don't think so...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hard to Say Goodbye...

Time flies, the long waited moments is finally come. I'm going to make a step forward today... I'm glad that I can leave this place soon and get rid of some peoples here, but it just make me feel so heavy to leave my 2 buddies behind...

Bernice, Sumie and I, we are good buddies. Even though we only know each other for 6 months, we have developed good relationship. We help each other, cover each other, encourage each other, teasing each other... We work together, learn together, eat together, laugh together... Three of us are PIC, not person in charge, our PIC means Partner In Crime! Haha...

Dear friends, glad to have you as my colleague for the past 6 months. Trust me, you will always in my memory...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Love You, My Dear!

It was raining just now when I driving home. I received a call from my hubby when I about to reach home. He asked me where am I because he knows that I forgot to bring umbrella today and he wants to bring down the umbrella for me. I felt so touching... How caring is he!

When I reached home, he gave me a big surprise by giving me a paper bag with a box inside. I took it out and found that it was a new hand phone! The new hand phone even with 2GB memory card inside!

Actually my previous hand phone was spoiled about 2 months ago... So I'm using my mom's old phone currently. That old phone got problems too, but at least it allows me to make and to receive calls, to send and to receive sms, so I still continue using it.

My hubby always asked me to buy a new one but I was so stubborn and keep on rejecting. Finally, he takes the initiative to buy it for me as a surprise. I like it so much! And I just can't wait to tell him how much I love him! Thank you my dear for everything that you've done for me!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Office @ Cyberjaya

My company has moved to Cyberjaya since August. Let me show some pictures of my office surroundings here...

The building outlook

Free parking space

A small garden in between Block A , Block B & Block C

The toilet is at the end of the corridor

There are some pros and cons to work at this place. I can wake up a bit late nowadays because it's quite convenient for me to travel from my house to office, no passing tolls and the traffic is consider smooth. Besides, we no need to pay for the parking here. It's actually an ideal place to work if I only station at office. However, I'm a sales person, it's quite far for me to travel to customer's place, I also cannot meet up with my friend for lunch freely. Moreover, it's difficult for us to find Chinese food here...

Anyway, I'm going to leave this place soon. If some of you who wonder why I quit job again, you may read my previous "Lousy Boss" post and you'll find the answer there. Other than that, I actually have nothing much to do since I join. The pressure of getting paid by doing nothing is much more greater than the pressure of being chase sales by the superior.

Goodbye, Cyberjaya!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Daddy, Mummy & Ezra's Sandals

Ezra is 13 months now. Finally he knows how to walk. This is his first sandals and we hope that he can learn to stand firmly and walk firmly with this sandals.

Why we bought the same sandals? It's so simple, because we are in one family! We want to walk together wherever we go, through good days and even bad days... Of course the most important is to follow God's path.

My little Ezra, glad to have you in our family!